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i've got sms that make me happy...

yesterday, i have sent sms to person that interviewed me last thursday..

me : salam. mejar, sorry if my sms will disturb you.just want to know whether i still have the opportunity to be part as your team? :)

he replied : salam. saya dah minta hr prepare offer letter to you.

me : Tq mejar. bila saya dah masuk sana, saya blanja makan.. hehe

he replied : ok

thats mean, i've got that job.. Syukur Ya Allah

Now, i am patiently waiting for the offer letter..

Ps: how about others that still remain here??


  1. I'm happy for u!!!cepat !!cari umah dekat2..

  2. tq zana... i am happy too.. hehe.. awak tlg le bg contact klu ada..

  3. Tahniah.. semoga rezeki yang halal terus dilorongkan Allah.. Amin..

  4. tq kak ina.. rezeki untuk anak2.. amin..

  5. congrats sri. ofis baru kat mana?

  6. tq Shima, tp ku masih menunggu offer letter yg tak kunjung tiba.. adus..