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fahri @14 months..

My sweetheart.. (this picture was taken on his first besday.. ikut mama pg outstation at JB)

what he will do now :

1. pointing correctly another part at his body like when we ask where is the nose, fingers, baju, seluar n kaki. currently we have teach him "mana telinga" hehe..

2. A few words that he can sound correctly like buah, ayer (air), ball and with his own slang such as kopo (keropok), boo (book)..

3. really like wearing his shoes..

4. walk steadily.. u turn, reverse...

5. really like eating apple... he pronounce apple as popol..

6. he like playing 'kejar-kejar' with us... hehe.. so funny..

7. eagerly want to spoon by himself.. nak mkn sendiri plk.. adus..

8. really like to watch book with picture.normally we show him discovery channel megazine.. when we show him gajah picture, he will make the sound like gajah.. "mooooOOOOoo" clever boy.. kissing cat and camel picture are the common things that he will do..

mama alway pray to Allah.. anak mama will growing up healthy always.. mama love you very much..


  1. wah..anak sri banyak rupa sri.. :)

  2. ye ker mira... hehe.. anak mama ni nk mama bila nenen jer..
    suka betul main n bergurau dgn papa dia tue..