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missed my blog..

hi my blog... long time not update you.. i am really busy with my work.. just simple update on my work schedule:

19/5 : shooting at Sireh Emas Marketing
20/5 : shooting at SIRIM Berhad
21/5 : shooting at MARDI

24/5 : on leave
25/5 : shooting at Tropical Bio Essence

I need to go here and there for shooting with RTM.. Happy rather then 'terperuk' at my office..

something was happend yesterday at office while i am on emergency leave (Fahri got high fever yesterday).. it really serious.. Ya Allah.. May You give us strength to face our future. amin..


  1. salam ziarah dari singgah ke blog sy pulak ye

  2. tq for drop by here.. insyaAllah...