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i am very worry about Fahri...

he got fever again.. yesterday, his temperature achieved 39.6-degree celsius.. Only Allah know how worried I am..

I call Fairus to came back home early because we want to bring fahri to a hospital. He look totally flat.. he can't even take his toys that just only near his hand. Can you imagine??

Fahri normally is an active, 'becok' and happy baby.. Alhamdulillah, everything back to the normal after i gives him paracetamol that I put inside his rectal.

At the hospital, Dr checks his lung, breath and diagnose his sick. She gives us antibiotic, cough syrup, and paracetamol syrup.. very pity my son.. he always refuses to eat all the medications.. now, he already refused to eat for 3 days.

Ya Allah, please help my son.. please give him good health and grow as healthy and happy baby.

if tomorrow still not ok, we will bring him back to any clinic or hospital to check his blood and lung... Ya Allah, please help us.. Amin...


  1. Sri..

    How's Fahri today?You are MC today?Hope everything's fine. InsyaALlah ..AMin

  2. ai zana.. i am at office.. alhamdulillah fahri ok today. I have called Fahri'ibu ( babysitter) and she said Fahri fine and active.. anyway, tq for your concerned.. i do not know why i cant leave a command on your blog.. maybe because my notebook setting.. i will check it.. thanks again...

  3. sri..napa ngan Fahri? tetiba demam ke? siannyee laa..
    as a mother, i know how u feel..
    Doa banyak2 ok, saya pun doakan Fahri cepat sembuh..