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Fahri first time @ PD playing at the seaside..

Actually last weekend we have planed to go to Cameroon Highland. We have to cancel it bacause of only 2 family that able to go there (my family and cousin). We feel scary to sleep at big Bungalow that we have booked. So, we decided just to go to Port Dickson only.. Alhamdulillah, we have nice trip there.

We managed to reach there @ 5pm. After solat Asar,playing together at the seaside.. Fahri look very exited on the new experienced playing sand beach.. Fahri not event frightened wave at the seaside..

The funny things, i am not realized when fahri put the sand on his mouth.. hehe.... everything he want to taste it.. very the baby habbit... hehhehe..

Night : sleep at my aunty's house at Senawang.... Save cost on accomodation... hehhehe..

After 1 year old, baby brain is like sponge.. everything easily absorb.. so, this is crucial time for parent to create good environment for their brain development. insyaAllah mama will do the best for you sayang... insyaAllah..

happy viewing...

papa & Fahri... they are enjoy themself playing together... hehehe

Mama, why the water so salty??

like father like son.. i like to watch they playing together.. (anak papa...)

Playing sand with Fahri...

Happy and excited face playing at the seaside...

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