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Fahri @ 13 months...

Eventhough cayang mama always got fever, alhamdulillah his development still in his stages.. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah..but his weight still 8.5 kg.. this make me curious.. This is his weight while he was 5 months.

What cayang mama will do :

1. when i ask him where your hand? he will shake his hand.. this is also for head, leg and pampers. He will show it correctly..

2. Kicking his ball even he cant walk steadily. He like to kick his ball by putting/lean his hand on wall, table, sofa or something else.

3. When he do somthing that normally myself or my hubby will say no such as bite something that maybe dirty, he will looking to us and when we say no, he will "geleng kepala" or shake his head from side to side, that show to us he will not do it again.. clever boy... (but sometimes he will repeating the actions... hehe)

4. He really like to listen to azan... alhamdulillah..

5. When me or my hubby was praying, he also "tertonggeng-tonggeng" beside us to immitate the action of sujud.. Ya Allah.. I pray for fahri.. InsyaAllah he will grow as good muslim.. insyaAllah..

6. Now he can stand and dancing by shaking his butt steadily

7. He will understand simple instruction like " fahri amik ball, meh sini,kiss mama, hug mama and many more.

8. He will babble back to us what ever we say to him.. as reaction or answer for our question.. that are so funny...

9. like to immitate words that we teach him.. but normally it sound difference... hehe

10. A few word that he can say like buai, ayer, bak (ball) mama, papa, papu ( i do not now what is it), abar(allahuakbar)and a few more...

11. Everymorning he will crying when we send him to his ibu's house.. (dah pandai mengada... adus).

12. When we distract him from doing somthing, he will angry and said " a ah"... (nasib baik kecik lg... dah besar ckp cmtu dgn mama, siap la...piat telinga dia..)

I love you very much cayang mama...

mama coax him to sleep by give him scott emulsion botle... hehehe

excited with his new tooth brush

with papa's snow cap.. (payah tul nk suh pakai benda kat kepala)

@ my sister house...

favourite place.. whenever papa going aout from driver seat, he will take over the place.. hehehe

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  1. anak ko ikut genetik ko la seri..kenit...sbb tu berat die mcm tu.....cuba compare to mama die....hehe