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fahri @ 1 year old...

Since fahri 11 months, i think his brain development quite make me impressive..
What the Cayang Mama Fahri will do now :

1. Fahri will clap his hand when ever we give him complements or 'pujian' such as ' pandai Fahri' .. then he will clap his hand with sweet smile.. he knows we 'puji' him.. hehhe

2. "jalan2 jatuh..." hehehhe.. its ok sayang BOLAT MAMA.. chaiyuk2.. (dah termimpi2 nak berjoging with my Bolat... hehhe)

3. When we say huruf Hijaiyyah "alif" he will replied to us... "Baaa" with his soft voice... ooh... clever anak mama..

4. When we sing ABC song.. he will look and pointing out at ABC board that we put on the wall.. and we sing Alif Ba ta song, he will look at papa's notebook event we not switch on or play the song..

5. Shake his body or more precise his bulky butt when ever he listen to any song.. ... sooo funny.. kukuikui..

6. Crying at close door to show off he want going out from our tiny house..

7. Like playing papa's guitar...

8. make flying kiss action, make 'muka cantik' and show off his teeth when we ask him to do that..

9. If he 'terjatuh' or terhantuk' we will ask him.. Mana sakit... then he will show to us area that maybe pain for him (normally his head).. is it true or not, i don't know... hehhehe..

hehhehe.. terlebih sudah...

Cayang mama, we love you...

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