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Fahri @ 13 months...

Eventhough cayang mama always got fever, alhamdulillah his development still in his stages.. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah..but his weight still 8.5 kg.. this make me curious.. This is his weight while he was 5 months.

What cayang mama will do :

1. when i ask him where your hand? he will shake his hand.. this is also for head, leg and pampers. He will show it correctly..

2. Kicking his ball even he cant walk steadily. He like to kick his ball by putting/lean his hand on wall, table, sofa or something else.

3. When he do somthing that normally myself or my hubby will say no such as bite something that maybe dirty, he will looking to us and when we say no, he will "geleng kepala" or shake his head from side to side, that show to us he will not do it again.. clever boy... (but sometimes he will repeating the actions... hehe)

4. He really like to listen to azan... alhamdulillah..

5. When me or my hubby was praying, he also "tertonggeng-tonggeng" beside us to immitate the action of sujud.. Ya Allah.. I pray for fahri.. InsyaAllah he will grow as good muslim.. insyaAllah..

6. Now he can stand and dancing by shaking his butt steadily

7. He will understand simple instruction like " fahri amik ball, meh sini,kiss mama, hug mama and many more.

8. He will babble back to us what ever we say to him.. as reaction or answer for our question.. that are so funny...

9. like to immitate words that we teach him.. but normally it sound difference... hehe

10. A few word that he can say like buai, ayer, bak (ball) mama, papa, papu ( i do not now what is it), abar(allahuakbar)and a few more...

11. Everymorning he will crying when we send him to his ibu's house.. (dah pandai mengada... adus).

12. When we distract him from doing somthing, he will angry and said " a ah"... (nasib baik kecik lg... dah besar ckp cmtu dgn mama, siap la...piat telinga dia..)

I love you very much cayang mama...

mama coax him to sleep by give him scott emulsion botle... hehehe

excited with his new tooth brush

with papa's snow cap.. (payah tul nk suh pakai benda kat kepala)

@ my sister house...

favourite place.. whenever papa going aout from driver seat, he will take over the place.. hehehe

i am very worry about Fahri...

he got fever again.. yesterday, his temperature achieved 39.6-degree celsius.. Only Allah know how worried I am..

I call Fairus to came back home early because we want to bring fahri to a hospital. He look totally flat.. he can't even take his toys that just only near his hand. Can you imagine??

Fahri normally is an active, 'becok' and happy baby.. Alhamdulillah, everything back to the normal after i gives him paracetamol that I put inside his rectal.

At the hospital, Dr checks his lung, breath and diagnose his sick. She gives us antibiotic, cough syrup, and paracetamol syrup.. very pity my son.. he always refuses to eat all the medications.. now, he already refused to eat for 3 days.

Ya Allah, please help my son.. please give him good health and grow as healthy and happy baby.

if tomorrow still not ok, we will bring him back to any clinic or hospital to check his blood and lung... Ya Allah, please help us.. Amin...

i know what you did last weekend...

last weekend we went to cherating.... actually we have a few things to be setled at Kuantan on last Monday.. so, we decided to go to cherating just only one night. We went there on sunday morning and manage to reach at cherating on 2 pm.

After get some rest and giving fahri his bubur nasi for lunch, we going out to find some food to be eating on 'minum petang'... nyumnyum... keropok lekor and pisang goreng together with air kelapa muda are totally right choice for the 'minum petang' on the beach... hehhe

eating our minum petang food and ready with all accessories like ball and sand castle equitment beside looking at beautiful scenery... Subhanallah..

playing football with fahri is quite funny.. he not even can't walk but really like to play football. this is because my hubby always plays 'sepak2 bola' at our house.. Fahri will laughing terkekek-kekek when looking at the ball going here and there after he kicking the red ball.

While me and fairus try to build a sand castle, Fahri will broke it again and again..and at last, there is no sand castle for us.. i have give up..

While papa enjoy himself on the sea, we enjoy playing the 'tenteng' together.. then i forced fairus to take our picture... hehhe. we going back to our chalet before mghrib. After solat jamak maghrib and i'syak, we going out to find soomefood for our dinner..

Dinner at cherating i think so expensive. he have to pay RM23.50 for tomyam poitek, 2 plat rice, mix vegetable and sambal belacan.. Can you imagine?? We just order air suam and tembikai laici for our drink. I think that price is not reasonable at all because that are only ordinari restauran... aiyak... (manyak mahal oooo)

ok, i think, that's are my story for our simple and budget vacation.. Malaysia has a lot of beautiful places that waiting for us to come.. Jom cuti2 malaysia... heheh

simple but nice...

explore the chomel room...

playing cak-cak with papa...

the 'chomot' notty boy...

here we stay.... (forgot the name of chalet.. hehe)

he more interested on playing with mama's sandle.... hehe

papa enjoy himself..

'fahri, look at your mama... '...

Playing tenteng with Fahri...

beautiful.. behind the hill is clubmad... (kalau tak silap..)

my first award as mommy blogger... hehe

tq zana for the award. below is my answered for that particular questions :


happy.. this is my first award. ofcourse i like to received more and more award.. hehe


puan sasuzana. this is her link : (do not know why i can't make it as hyperlink)
di sini :


my family call me Tuti , my niece and nephew call me Mak Lang(my side) and Mak Uda (my hubby side)

friends and work place call me sri


morning : watching 'herba malaysia' program
going to work

lunch : guardian buy scort emultion for fahri

afternoon & night: at home, cooking for our dinner (daging goreng kunyit jer..)
nenen for fahri n slept...


1. looking at very cute and calm faces : my hubby and fahri
2. when our tiny house neat and tidy condition..
3. blogging ofcourse... hehe
4. going vacation at nice place
5. when got extra 'rezeki' that can give to our parent
6. when my family happy, insyaAllah, i will be happy too.. hehe


best, best... what will i do for my money :

1. buy our dream house
2. give to my parent to renovate their house
3. setle out my debts : PTPTN and car
4. going for haj and umrah
5. vacation
6. dont forget for charity work
7. doing some business : me and my hubby have same interest on doing agrotourism business ... insyaAllah...

banyak lg la...

ok zana, i have accept your award. tq very much...

Ps: sorry for being late doing this entry..

Y We aRe SoOOOoo SpEcIaL


Y We aRe So sPeCiaL...

It's TRUE!! I'm that type of person... wanna know y me & all of the women out there are so special.. you gotta read this!
Mum and Dad were watching TV when Mum said, 'I'm tired, and it's getting
late. I think I'll go to bed.'

She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next day's lunches.
Rinsed out the popcorn bowls, took meat out of the freezer for supper the
following evening, checked the cereal box levels, filled the sugar
container, put spoons and bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for
brewing the next morning.

She then put some wet clothes in the dryer, put a load of clothes into the
washer, ironed a shirt and secured a loose button. She picked up the game
pieces left on the table, put the phone back on the charger and put the
telephone book into the drawer. She watered the plants, emptied a
wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry.
She yawned and stretched and headed for the bedroom.

She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher, counted out some
cash for the excursion and pulled a text book out from hiding under the
chair. She signed a birthday card for a friend, addressed and stamped the
envelope and wrote a quick note for the grocery store. She put both near
her bag.

Mum then washed her face with 3 in 1 cleanser, put on her Night Solution &
age fighting moisturizer, brushed and flossed her teeth and filed her

Dad called out, 'I thought you were going to bed.'

'I'm on my way,' she said. She put some water into the dog's dish and put
the cat outside, then made sure the doors were locked and the patio light
was on. She looked in on each of the kids and turned out their bedside
and radios, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks into the hamper, and
a brief conversation with the one up still doing homework.

In her own room, she set the alarm; laid out clothing for the next day,
straightened up the shoe rack. She added three things to her 6 most
important things to do list. She said her prayers, and visualized the
accomplishment of her goals. About that time, Dad turned off the TV and
announced to no one in particular. 'I'm going to bed.' And he did...without
another thought.

Anything extraordinary here? Wonder why women live longer...?


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missed my blog..

hi my blog... long time not update you.. i am really busy with my work.. just simple update on my work schedule:

19/5 : shooting at Sireh Emas Marketing
20/5 : shooting at SIRIM Berhad
21/5 : shooting at MARDI

24/5 : on leave
25/5 : shooting at Tropical Bio Essence

I need to go here and there for shooting with RTM.. Happy rather then 'terperuk' at my office..

something was happend yesterday at office while i am on emergency leave (Fahri got high fever yesterday).. it really serious.. Ya Allah.. May You give us strength to face our future. amin..

nilai setitik susu ibu...

Hari ni rasa nak tulis entry dalam bahasa melayu pulak.. bukan apa.. rindu pulak nak menulis entry dengan penuh perasaan.. hehe.. (macam ape jer.. )

"Wanita yang memberi minum susu kepada anaknya daripada badannya (susu badan) akan dapat satu pahala daripada tiap-tiap titik susu yang diberikannya."

"Jika wanita menyusui anaknya sampai cukup tempoh (2 1/2 tahun), maka maalaikat-maalaikat di langit akan khabarkan berita bahawa syurga wajib baginya."

"Jika wanita memberi susu badannya kepada anaknya yang menangis, Allah akan memberi pahala satu tahun solat dan puasa."

Alhamdlillah dan tahniah diucapkan kepada ibu-ibu yang menyusukan anak mereka seikhlas hati, setulus budi..hanya Allah sahaja yang dapat membalasnya.

4 petikan ayat di atas ku ambil dari sebuah blog seorang sahabat.. juga seorang ibu yang memperjuangkan penyusuan susu ibu sepertiku...

entrynya membuatkan ku berfikir apa niatku menyusukan anakku dengan susu ibu sebenarnya... adakah kerana fesyen? atau menjadi penurut kepada rakan2 yg yang menyusukan bayinya?? atau niat ikhlas kerana ingin mengikut fitrah dan sunnah serta menunaikan hak anakku??

aku ingin mengimbau kembali apa yang menyebabkan aku mengambil keputusan untuk menyusukan Fahri.. sewaktu bertugas di Putrajaya, aku amat mengagumi semangat sahabat-sahabat atau lebih sesuai ku panggil kakak-kakak di pejabat yang berjaya menyusukan anak-anak mereka walaupun mereka berjawatan tinggi dan sangat sibuk.. mereka boleh, mengapa tidak aku?

setelah kelahiran Fahri, cabaran untuk menyusu hanya dengan susu ibu memang hebat.. kalau tidak ku kuatkan semangat dan keazaman yang jitu, rasanya memang telah lama susu fahri telah ku tukar kepada susu l**bu. Bermula dari tidak mendapat sokongan keluarga, tidak dapat menyediakan stok dan banyak lagi cabaran-cabaran lain seperti puting yang luka dan kepenatan yang pasti menguji kekuatan mental dan fizikal seorang ibu baru seperti aku..

Aku juga pernah tertewas dan berputus asa apabila susu yang ku bekalkan kepada pengasuh Fahri sebanyak 14 - 16 oz sehari tidak mencukupi kerana Fahri mengalami 'growth spurt' pada usia 4 bulan. ketika itu bulan ramadhan.. stok susu memang sudah lama habis pada minggu kedua bekerja.. ketika itu aku terpaksa mencampurkan susu fahri dengan susu formula...

walaupun sekadar top up, aku amat merasa ralat dan terkilan kalau teringatkan keputusan yang ku ambil ketika itu.. alangkah bagusnya kalau waktu itu dapat ku putarkan semula.. akan ku berjuang berhabis-habisan untuk memberikan fahri hanya dengan susu ibu.. kisah ini pernah ku tulis dalam entry ku suatu ketika dulu dalam blog ini...

Kini, Fahri telah berusia setahun lebih.. alhamdulillah.. aku masih mampu memberikannya susu ibu hingga kini. walaupun susu ku telah mula "drop" semenjak Fahri berusia 8 bulan, ia tetap cukup.. Moga ia tetap cukup sehingga anakku berusia 2 tahun.. itu azamku.. insyaAllah..

Kadang kala pernah juga terfikir untuk aku mencampurkan saja susu Fahri dengan susu formula apabila tiba waktu penyakit MALAS ku untuk mengepam.. motivasi untuk diri sendiri harus ditingkatkan hari demi hari untuk memberikan yang hanya yang terbaik untuk Fahri..

Ketika itulah aku mencari sumber-sumber inspirasi untuk menaikkan semangatku semula.. Mengapa seorang ibu angkat mampu menyusukan anak angkatnya?? mengapa ibu yang anaknya mengalami 'niple confuse' mampu memerah dan diberikan kepada anaknya?? mengapa ada ibu-ibu yang telah keputusan susu, bersungguh-sungguh menjalani proses relaktasi untuk memberikan yang terbaik untuk anaknya?? sedangkan aku amat beruntung kerana masih dikurniakan susu, anakku masih mahu menyusu denganku.. tapi aku pula yang malas untuk memberikan yang terbaik untuknya...

Puas rasanya bila melihat anakku membesar dengan susu ku sendiri.. kepuasan yang tak tergambar dengan kata-kata. Fahri ku lihat amat rapat denganku.. Tiap malam tanpa ku pinta, dia akan menciumku sebelum tidur.. Ciuman seorang anak yang hatinya tulus dan suci tanpa kepura-puraan.. Mungkin tanda terima kasih seorang anak kecil yang tidurnya bertemankan nenen mama saban malam.. (hehe)

Moga Allah mempermudahkan urusanku... Tekad mama sayang.. mama ingin memberikan hanya susu ibu kepada mu.. Ya Allah, Kau murahkanlah rezeki anakku untuk menikmati susu ibunya seperti yang disyariatkan dalam kitab MU.. Aku hanya ingin kembali kepada fitrah manusia... Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... perbaharui niatku.. menyusukan anakku hanya kerana Allah S.W.T..

P/S : entry ini sekadar peringatan untuk diriku. maaf jika ia menyinggung mana-mana perasaan ibu-ibu diluar sana... tiada niat untuk memperkecil-kecilkan sesiapa...

tag from puan zana.. What inside your handbag??

2 my normally bag when i am going to work..

this tag got from puan zana @
sorry zana for being late to post this entry.. The picture was taken 2 weeks ago..hehehe

normally i brought 2 bags with myself when i am going somewhere.. first my handbag, second my breastmilk cooler bag.

What inside my cooler bag?
Brand : mom's precious buy from mom little's one shop.

3 ice reuseable pack (blacj colour)
4 bottles milk container

What inside my handbag ?

I call it as doraemon pocket... hehee

Brand : revival buy at Sogo.. (cheap one... hehehe)

2handphone : LG (official numbers for freinds, work and family) & Motorola (subline from my hubbby- The way to save phone bill)in the bear casing.

earphone (for LG handphone)

black purse

pink coin purse

lipstic (make up set - tertinggal kat umah pulak)

red business card casing

red pen (teknology park)

notebook (Standards Malaysia)

reading material (Anda berkarisma apabila...?)

2 pendrive

Not in the picture :

Camera (pink samsung PL10) and its cabel

T N Go,

Kad nilai simpanan Star LRT

2 bunches of Keys ( House and car )

sometimes my breastpump

Outstation @ Sungai Besar

Another outstation... but this time i am not brought fahri together... First time we slept separated. Only Allah knows how i missed my son..

As usual, I still pumping to give the best for Fahri. Alhamdulillah, the milk still in good condition until I reach at my house. say Thank you to my Precious Cooler Bag that very usefull at this conditions.. Top up stock that have been used while i am outstation.. just used my new breastpump.. (falling in love with medela harmony).. hehhe

We have shooting at Delto Medicama company at Sungai Besar, Selangor. The owner of the company is very nice and generous. Very big thanks to En Nasnan Jajuli for the nice accomodation at Sungai Sireh homestay and delicious seafood for dinnner and nasi ambeng for our lunch..

Nasi Ambeng.. first time i ate it.. nyumnyumm

Owner big motorcycle... vrooommm vrooom....

we are here...

how they do their work...

RTM crew....

Fahri first time @ PD playing at the seaside..

Actually last weekend we have planed to go to Cameroon Highland. We have to cancel it bacause of only 2 family that able to go there (my family and cousin). We feel scary to sleep at big Bungalow that we have booked. So, we decided just to go to Port Dickson only.. Alhamdulillah, we have nice trip there.

We managed to reach there @ 5pm. After solat Asar,playing together at the seaside.. Fahri look very exited on the new experienced playing sand beach.. Fahri not event frightened wave at the seaside..

The funny things, i am not realized when fahri put the sand on his mouth.. hehe.... everything he want to taste it.. very the baby habbit... hehhehe..

Night : sleep at my aunty's house at Senawang.... Save cost on accomodation... hehhehe..

After 1 year old, baby brain is like sponge.. everything easily absorb.. so, this is crucial time for parent to create good environment for their brain development. insyaAllah mama will do the best for you sayang... insyaAllah..

happy viewing...

papa & Fahri... they are enjoy themself playing together... hehehe

Mama, why the water so salty??

like father like son.. i like to watch they playing together.. (anak papa...)

Playing sand with Fahri...

Happy and excited face playing at the seaside...

fahri @ 1 year old...

Since fahri 11 months, i think his brain development quite make me impressive..
What the Cayang Mama Fahri will do now :

1. Fahri will clap his hand when ever we give him complements or 'pujian' such as ' pandai Fahri' .. then he will clap his hand with sweet smile.. he knows we 'puji' him.. hehhe

2. "jalan2 jatuh..." hehehhe.. its ok sayang BOLAT MAMA.. chaiyuk2.. (dah termimpi2 nak berjoging with my Bolat... hehhe)

3. When we say huruf Hijaiyyah "alif" he will replied to us... "Baaa" with his soft voice... ooh... clever anak mama..

4. When we sing ABC song.. he will look and pointing out at ABC board that we put on the wall.. and we sing Alif Ba ta song, he will look at papa's notebook event we not switch on or play the song..

5. Shake his body or more precise his bulky butt when ever he listen to any song.. ... sooo funny.. kukuikui..

6. Crying at close door to show off he want going out from our tiny house..

7. Like playing papa's guitar...

8. make flying kiss action, make 'muka cantik' and show off his teeth when we ask him to do that..

9. If he 'terjatuh' or terhantuk' we will ask him.. Mana sakit... then he will show to us area that maybe pain for him (normally his head).. is it true or not, i don't know... hehhehe..

hehhehe.. terlebih sudah...

Cayang mama, we love you...

our trip to JB..

weather was good that day.. a litle bit rainny when we near to JB.. while on the way, we drop by at Ayer hitam because my hubby never went there.. Nothing special, just bought some fruits, kerepek2 and Fahri's toys.. There was so hot.. we reach there at 12 pm..

At last, we arrived at CEPP@ UTM skudai about 2 pm.. They give us our apartment key and rest there until 4 pm.. met my younger sister at restaurant in UTM and @ 5 pm, we went to Danga Bay..

walking around the street mall, rumah Johor area and riding tren along Danga Bay..
Happy but quite tiring day.. Fahri look so exited look at the sea and colourful lamp along Danga Bay.. while near maghrib, we went to area that can see the Singapore..

Night : just rest at appartment and playing with Fahri. and after really tired, going to sleep.. Night meal was sup gear box.. nnyumnyum.. it really delicious.. (rugi order sikit jer.. tapau.. klu mkn kat kedai, dah tambah order dah..) Fahri also like eating that sup tulang gear box.. (alamak, teringin lagi la)

Next morning, i have work to do.. since this vacation actually work trip.. 9.30, we reach at CEPP and start our shooting until 12.30 pm... Then, rest at apartment again.. pick up my sister at Sri Puteri and depart to KL at 4.30 pm..

Simple working trip and vacation but i quite happy bring Fahri together with me, sleep with me at night and give new sightseeing for Fahri .. This week i have another outstation to Sg besar. This time i didn bring Fahri with me.. Papa cant follow us la sayang.. mama going to work.. Hope u r fine at ibu house.. This is first time mama will separate with you.. dont worry sayang.. mama just go there only one night.

happy viewing....

Papa concentrated on driving...

mama, it was rainning...

Mama, Fahri want nenen... hehehe

Playing @ apartment

Rumah Johor area...

"merenung masa depan..."


Papa luv u sayang...

Actually i have a lot of pictures to update here.. but internet too slow.. i cant wait anymore (menguji kesabaran sungguh) .. so that all ya friends...

Birthday Celebration my beloved Fahri...

We decided to celebrate Fahri's Birthday on 1st May. Fahri actually was born on 31 April 2009. We celebrate his birthday together with his cousin @ my niece, Ainna Najihah that was born on 1 st May 2009...

It so happening with all Fahri cousin gathering together at my Faher's house @ Atuk Papa Fahri at Shah Alam.. My brother sponsored a cute cake that so tasty.. nyumnyum...

Me.. just buy 55 pieces chicken wing.. i like to eat chicken wing like mad... that nigh ate 4 pieces chicken and fullfill my "mengidam"... hehhehe

Happy viewing...

My niece.. ainna.. So cute...

Notty boy... My Father said, Fahri has talent doing "lawak" hehehhehe

cake sponsored by Pak ngah and Mak ngah @ ayah and Bonda Ainna...

happy besday to you2x happy besday to ainna and fahri... happy besday to you... yay..

funny... Fahri and Ainna playing together...

Yay.. Fahri got present from achik..

this is among sweet moment in my life.. there already 1 year fahri with us.. i love you caayang mama.. u r our life...