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Yesterday Interview session... How??

Hi dear... Just want to share about my interview session yesterday..
I depart from my office at Medan Tuanku at 1.45 pm. I have 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach there before 3 pm. Alhamdulillah traffic was clear but I have lost my way and waste my time for 15 minutes. I manage to reach at that office at 2.45pm.

Syukur Ya Allah..The interview session look like 'sesi borak2' about my experience at MHC. Mr Edward and Mr Anthony was interviewed me and treat me with professional manner. No killing question that make me as interviewee scary or feel like to cry..

Happy... Confidence.. But somtimes it was 'tersekat2' because of my English.. Really need to brush up... And at last they give me chance to ask question.

And I asked " did i get a chance to be hired?
Then Mr Edward (HR manager) replied " We thing that you are not suitable for this position. You more suitable with personal care department that we will open soon for our future expension. We will contact you again when it will persue. No point we hire you now but there is no job right? This is more suitable for you..

Frustated? Yes a bit... But I feel want to follow up today.. May be they want to change their opinion? Erm.. Maybe they think that I not suitable do the boring job.. But i think that i can do anything as I describe myself as fast learner. What position do you think that I have applied? hehe.. Sales Administrative Executive..

If still cant get the job, its ok.. Maybe my rezeki still at MHC.. InsyaAllah...
Allah knows better...