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what happend yesterday??

heehe.. i came late for that interview. Rushing from KL. and at last i manage to reach there at 4.40pm. rest for 5 minute, appologies to them and they started interview me.

Feel more confident than interview session that i gone throughh before.

i think after 20 minutes, what make i feel more shock about that interview is Madam Maria (Minah Saleh or omputeh) said "your english is quite good" hehehe..

quite funny.. the reason she said like that, she was asked me what language that i use in current work place... then i replied Bahasa Melayu...

i not agreed she say my english is good. then i explained to her that i challenged myself to write my blog in english. so that i have to think and to write in english...but not speak in english. hehe

and again i not get that job.. its ok.. i feel not frustrated anymore. they give me a good motivation, the reason they didnt hire me to be part as their team and many more. They say that i am good and with my experienced and qualification, they advice me to look for permanent job. that position just for only 2 months.

ok friends.. now i know what better for me.. my career path.. maybe my rezeki still at MHC.. and i hope there are better future for me where ever i go.. insyaAllah..


  1. my husband also challenged me to write this blog in english..but my english is tunggang langgang, so x buat aa..ngeh3!

  2. lia, it is good.. me to.. also tungang langgang... but after 4 months, i feel better.. more confident to speak event tersekat2 coz thinking the suitable words.. you should try and you will feel it. take the challenge.. when we write in english, we challenge our mind to think in english. and at last our english will be improved. one more things that i do, just listen to english medium radio. not just listen, but listen to how they use the words, pronunciation and many more.. it works.. hehehe. "terlebih sudah"... hehhe

  3. Huhuhu... Insyaallah.. ada rezeki tempat yg lebih baik.. :)

  4. What a nice blog, very good effort.
    It's ok when we learn from mistake i.e.
    "and again i not get that job"
    (I didn't get the job)
    Good luck !