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Peter Schmeichel Action on Tiger Biscuits

Biscuits Tiger delicious!!!... nyumnyum...

Yes.. i have buy 5 different actions of Peter Schmeichel on tiger biscuits packaging today.. this weekend i will change it into a cute ball with Peter Schmeichel signature on it.. this is world cup fever.. i like to watch football macth too. i am not die hard fan of any football club but i like Selangor and MU club.. Selangor because I am "Anak Jati Selangor" hehe

The reason why i so obsess to redeem this ball because, i want to give the ball to my beloved Fahri.. hehe.. Maybe it can be his birthday present for his first year birthday this Friday.. i will redeem it on this weekend at Giant Kinrara. hehe..

Fahri, mama already have birthday present for you.. love you sayang mama.. hehe

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  1. how and where do we change for the ball.