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Malaysian Breast Feeding Peer Counselor - Work was start...

Last weekend i have attended 3 days peer conselor training (2-4 April 2010). A lot of info about breastfeeding i've got there. Very tired but i feel happy & got my satisfaction.

For 2 days Fahri follow me for the trainning.. very pity my son.. I can feel how tired of him. This morning, he got flu (2 days already).. I also feel some dizziness. My nose feel not comfortable.. but still not serious.

In my thinking, i have some idea how to encourage more mother to breastfeed their baby. I have talk to RTM for their segmen in Selamat Pagi Malaysia.. They ask me to write a letter and the idea of that program. They will reply after that base on appropriation of that program.

I also thinking to having BF class/briefing for my community at Pangsapuri Permai. I need to "meramahkan diri" to approch the organization there. I hope that this program will posible to be held there.

The motivation still in high level. Keep it work ya sri.. Dont do this "hangat2 tahi ayam".. Make sure that program will persue with succesfull. Good Luck..

These are picture while MBPFC training....

Fahri... playing with himself.. good boy..

certification... big responsiblity for me..

Me and Fahri...

right side standing with fahri in my arm.. we can do it...

i did it my way...


  1. tahniah bebe..nanti kita sama2 ajk mother lain support bf.

  2. thanks nik atas kesudianmu mengambil kami di stesen komuter... jasa mu di kenang..

  3. wuuuu.. congrate sri :)