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Interview session this afternoon... Guys, please pray for me..

Hi dear...

To day at 3 pm I have interview session at Shah Alam. I think, it just small company but it is subsidiary of one company that was listed in BSKL..

InsyaAllah i will do my best. I really hope that i will get hired with better company. I dont mind if I get a slighly low salary as long as I happy with that job. At least everymonth I get my salary on time..

You know guys.. I also have alot of commitment to setle every end of the month. We have cancel to buy our dream house.. I will write later about this matter..

Please wish me the best of luck.. Really hope that I will get the job.


  1. Wah!!good news. good luck beb. hopely u can get this job.

  2. tq zana... insyaAllah..
    please pray for me/..