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fahri refuse to eat...

Again.. but this time i think because he feel bitter in his throat/tongue.(just recover from fever).. At night, i feel so tired and hurt because Fahri all the time 'bergayut' at my B..

maybe he feel so hungry because just eat 2 pieces of biscuits at babysitter house. hope that this just temporary habit for Fahri.. if not, mama will die.. hehehe.. more pity to papa la sayang.. (hehehe)

Fahri always sick after he got measles while he was 6 months. somtimes he got flu and somtimes he got fever alhough he was fully breastfeed. Dr said, measles was destroy his immune system and it need time to develop back the immune system .

below is picture before fahri got measles... he never fall sick before that... pity cayang mama...


  1. xpe, sakit tu ujian TUHAN.. ciann fahri ye..
    nama dia nih mengingatkan le-a kepada filem 'ayat2 cinta'..ngeh3

  2. hehe... mg jatuh cinta dgn nama tu ms bc novel ayat2 cinta.. hubby plk nm fairus... bleh la sambar smpena awal f tue... hehe