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Fahri @ 11 months ++

recently, I'am very bussy to update my blog. In addition I was fall sick this week and was given MC by Dr for two days. But i can't have enought rest because Fahri also got fever.. Ya Allah..

But luckily my hubby was off for 2 days while we are sick. If not, i dont know how I will handle Fahri with myself so weak.

Just alittle update about Fahri development :

1. He can play 'give me five' and clap his hand steadily...
2. When we ask him 'Whose Fahri Shah ? then, he rise up his hand with very sweet smile... (soo cute.. kami yg akan jawabkan... "saya")
3. When we ask him where is kipas or lampu, then he pointing his hand to the wall..
4. Now he only crawling with stomach off
5. show off his feeling towards us.. happy, angry,
6. Not frightend to others anymore... anyone can take him from us without criyng..
7. Kiss anyone while we ask it.. good boy...
8. Can recognise afew things when we ask him.. example, his car, his book, the cat book, his lovely bobo ofcourse and others..

I love to watch fahri development everyday.. hope my son will grow up happily and healthy ever after... amin...

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