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Eating habit...

hi friends... What are you eat while having breakfast.. Me?? hehe... surely must veavy breakfast.. For example today I have a cup of hot milo + nasi goreng with daging goreng kunyit and sayur kacang panjang goreng. Yummy... it really delicious.. hehe

You know guys.. every morning I wake up quit early and breastfeed Fahri for a few time at night. Thats why I feel soo hungry like mad.. Before start work, I must eat somthing. It must for every morning to eat somthing like nasi lemak, mee goreng, roti telur, soto and many more that i describe that as heavy breakfast. KUih?? boleh la.. but at least 3 pieces... hehe

How about you? LUnch? i like to have variety type of food. If nasi campur, 2 type vegetable and 1 sources protein like meat, chicken, egg, and seafood.. Dinner?? it same like lunch..luckily I have high metabolism activity that can maintain my weight.. If not, surely I am the chomellest doraemon in the world.. hehhe


  1. ~SRI~
    Wau!!u are so lucky. can manage ur solid molid weight even take a rice for every meal.

  2. hehe... good luck zana 4 your diet.. my perut yg buncit harus dijaga juga nih.. hehe

  3. Hehe. so dificult to reduce weight tau!!but i'm try the best.:)) ur tummy boncit yer?same la.:))