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both of them will turn 1 year this 30 april and 1 may...

fahri with his cousin Ainna Najihah...

While i am preggy, i together2 with my SIL preggy with same preggy age.. My due date is 10 May and she is 12 may.. but both of us deliver early almost 2 weeks. Alhamdulillah.. everythings 'selamat' and 'sihat'

We plan to celebrate together on this 1 may.. just family celebration. My brother was promise to bring ben10 and dora cake.2 carton in one cake.. hehe.. cant wait to see it.. But what i want to cook for that day?? erm.. papa, kita catering je boleh?? hehe


  1. bes kan klu ada 'kawan pregnant' hehe..hepening jerr..

  2. mmg best.. leh share2 citer.. imaan dah pandai buat apa dh??

  3. sri:
    lain la Fahri dlm pic nih.hehe