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besday celebration.. me and hubby..

Our besday cake... 19 March 2010..

this entry just a "jiwang " entry.. hehe.. 19 march is our besday.. yes.. me and my hubby have same date besday.. but he older than me 1 year.. I was born on 19 march 1983 and he is 19 March 1982.. For besday surprise, he gave me the cute pink camera that i got on my makeup table with cute note saying " happy besday sayang"... wah.. how romantic it was.. i' soo happy..

that day, i'm not work.. (saje.. malas nk mengadap opis semasa besday ku..) happy with that surprise, i also want to make some surprise for him.. So just bought cheap cake at Bandar Tasik Selatan.. and after dinner, i came out with this cute cake.
He also look quite shock with that surprise..

Cut the cake together.. Fahri already slept.. Funny and romantic moment ever.. hehehe.
I love you very much my hubby.. you are great hubby and papa for fahri

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