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"rindu" uploading Fahri picture at my blog...

Just got new camera for my 27 besday from my hubby..
thank you very much papa sayang for the besday surprise. This pink camera so cute.

So, mama will more 'rajin' capture fahri's picture after this...

Happy viewing..

on the way to my friend's weeding.. play cak2 with mama at behind seat..

playing with papa..

hot ballon fiest... but fahry tak dapat tngk ballon pon.. hujan...


  1. sweet got special bufday present from ur hubby..i like!!so, after this, dont forget to capture Fahri pictures & upload at FB / here..:)

  2. hehehe.. ofcourse la sasu.. hehehe.. TQ... but his besday present?? do not know what to buy for him la...