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Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Alhamdulillah.. Another great oppurtunities that i've got to do my social obligation with myown way. Thanks to Allah.. I like this kind of job.. suitable for me with status as wife and young mummy. At last I found my way...

Before this, at university, i've been trained to be facilitator/trainer. organized baktisiswa prgram, motivation for primary and secondary school, forum perdana hal ehwal islam, outdoor activities and many more. Every weekend full of activities.

Weekend at my ownroom at college is very weird.. hehehe.. But now, this type of activities not suitable for me anymore. Event my junior still contacting me to contribute with persatuan agenda.. Once a while.. and just giving my 2cent thought..its ok..

So, you have new agenda.. new activities after this.. My commitment to breastfeeding and the goal of the Peer Counselor Program will enable mothers who now have litle or no support for breastfeeding to receive information and encourage they need to make nursing their babies enjoyable ans successful.

So, sri.. Good luck.. i know, you can do it...

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