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Internet Marketer.. Did I can do it?

This is what in my mind now.. since i didnt get my Feb salary yet, i need to do something for money.very sad story ma.. if we didnt get our salary for a few months.. March? still no clue when we will get it.. Oh!!!.. Ya ALLAH.. Please help us..

I feel so tired when i think about this.. Every month, late salary...So, i have decided to do something. Actually for the first step, i have joint affiliate program under Just learned it first,step by step and explore more. Yes, i need to learn quickly because this is urgent agenda. Need make money...

I have buy 1 e-book that teach me doing affiliate program. Did you heard about Affiliate Kerajaan? To day i have watch video Patric Chan that also teach about the affiliate program. This is free.. They promote it through their mailing list and for those interested to watch the video can watch it online. They also sell it into DVD just USD1.50 (RM7.++)

What do you thing? Is it worth it? In mean while, I also slowly try finishing my e-book and hopefully can be publish in the end of this month. Hopefully..


  1. Sri, Fell so sad if work hard but not get anything. i'm understand.. I dont know in detail about Affiliate Kerajaan. But, u can try 1st.

  2. yes... very sad... hehe..yes, will try... Tq sasu...