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fahri @10 months..

Hi dear..
Now March already.. Fahri nowdays 10 months plus.. i am really happy to see his development.. i think, he quite funny kid...hehe.. now, he can/has :

1. 4 teeth.. 2 above and 2 under side.. so cute.. but he rarely show off his teeth.

2. he can crawl steadily.. but he still enjoy to be great soldier...

3. kiss his mama and papa with open mouth.. then leave his saliva at mama's & papa's cheek..

4. imitate what mama and papa always doing like switch on the tv (take the remote towards the tv.. but he not press the red button) put handphone at ear, and make the twinkle little star finger.. hehe.. clever anak mama..hehe

5. bit the nenen... ouch... (luckily, he seldom do this...)

6.demanding.. while papa got holiday, he whine to his papa.. to get him out from our tiny house.

7. choose & pick out his own toys from his toys box... so chomel..

8. Always 'dera' mama before sleep.. gusti with mama.. cross over and over again on mama body.. vomit blood... hehe (agak berat la si kenit itu...)

love u very much my son..

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