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my everyday routine.. pumping mother...

Picture after pumping (5 oz/breast, Fahri 6 months) -time ni susu lebat lg

Alhamdulillah, first session, manage to get 7 oz.. Normally, maximum amounts that I can get only 6 oz.. extra happy.. hehehe. Second session on 5 pm, I hope that can get at least another 4 oz.. Enough stock for the whole next day.

I noticed that Fahri only consume about 8-10 0z milk after I introduce solid food to him. Before this, he consume at least 14-16 oz perday.. My milk supply also drop from 16 oz to average 10 oz perday since Fahri 7 months ++. Yes, it about supply and demand..

More demand, more milk will produce. I just pump twice a day. Maybe I need to pump more frequent after this to increase the supply.. Alhamdulillah.. I manage to have about 60 oz stock in my fridge. No stress to prepare the next day stock while Fahri at Babysitter house. Thanks Allah.. You gave me the strengths.

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