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Happy day...

Hehehe.. Something hearing like good news.. But actually nothing happened.. feel happy because internet at office already back.. hehehe. So mommy can go blogging again..hehe lalalallallala..

To day I have drive to office.. best.. you know why? Very smooth sailing.. not jammed like usual. Eventhough I’m already late..8.20 from home.. I manage to reach at office at 8.50 am.. I still have 10 minute before working hour started.

After this, I think want going somewhere at Jalan TAR.. Long Friday break.. I like.. Window shopping is therapy for me.. and I also can get some exercise from walking from one Shop to others...

Maybe want buy some new cloths for Fahri.. I like to shopping for him.. No mama cloth please.. Enough for mama.. Actually, I am in mission to ‘berjimat-cermat’… hehehe.. (boleh caya ke?)

Orait.. time to go.. tata titi tutu.. 

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