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flyfm end bit... UM....

This end bit contest really appealing for me to joint it. You know how much the price now? RM6600..It is really much money for me. Yes… if I got that money, many things I can do with that. Since I want to buy a house, the money can make use for buy new furniture for the house.

You know guys, now I live at flat house. We even didn’t have a set of bedroom for our self. For a week I have tried to call the hotline but still can’t get it.

What do you think the answer it is? Some listener gives it as spectrum, coliseum, sagitarium, album, planetarium and many more… All the answer is wrong.

In my mind, I have one word that I think the suitable word after listening all clues. I have follows this end bit contest since it still RM3K++ worth price. Dear God, please help me to win for the contest… Amin… (hehhehheh… if I won the price, I will get bedroom furniture for my new house.. Amin…:)

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  1. hi was google-ing the answer for the end bit "um"..but i dont seem to find u know the answer to that? someone won the money weeks ago, but i wasnt free to listen to the radio..=)