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Fahri won contest "aksi si manja"..

wah... this afternoon I have got phone call from admin He said that fahri was won for the contest Aksi Si Manja.. I'm soooo excited to hear about that.. Actually on 1st and 2nd of Feb , i have check at the blog whose the winner.. but at that time, they not publish whose the winner yet..

The admin of the blog said, he will send the present by hand at my office.. Maybe he also works at nearby. I don’t care what the present it is.. Fahri won that contest is big satisfaction for me.. (biarla contest kat blog pon tak kisah…hahaha) Whose didn’t want the free gift right?? Hehehe

Actually, I have registered as follower for that blog. The blog I think very interesting for those are breastfeed mom.. I hope that one day I will afford to but Freestyle Medela Breast pump to make it easier for me to pumping everywhere and anywhere.. InsyaAllah..

They also sell very cute Breastfeed mom cloth and other Bf accessories … And I also get a token from 1superkids website admin as appreciation for me to contribute an article at the website.. Just small given but I really appreciated it.. Thanks kak lina…

Thanks to all Aksi Si Manja’s Juri for choosing Fahri as a winner.. From now, I will more “rajin” to joint any blog contest.. hehe..

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