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Fahri @ 9 months...

What he can do....and the development...

-call me mama and his dad papa... (i should proud of this... hehehe)

-can memanjat like he can walk... and free he hand like he can stand still.. ( then jatuh terjelupuk siap benjol.. pity anak mama.. :(

-crawling like he is great soldier... hehehe.. great mob... tq fahri, mama no need to mob our house on weekend.. hehhe

-Safely get down from our 1 feet tilam... Great... i like.. mama can sleep happily.. hehe

-He also like to stare at other people... so cute and he smile at them... but dont try get him from his mama.. he will cry.. hehhe

-He can recognise his bobo and his pinky when we ask him to find them.. the chomellest ever... hehhe

-He like to play with cat... and when we ask him where the cat, he try to find them at usual place the cat melepak... hehehe

-and the most chomellest ever is... he can lough like he has grown up like 4 years child.... ekekekkekekke...

i love you very much my son...

+ i cant include latest picture of fahri since my camera was breakdown since early of this year... so sad... below is fahri's picture when he almost 3 months... my friend said this picture is romeo in the making... hehhehhehe

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