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love letter to my son..

Hi Fahri Cayang Mama..

To day you have reach 8 and half months... i love you very much my son.. the way you sleep, smiling, crawling and what ever you do make my heart melted.. In my heart, i always feel gratefull to Allah for give me such a great given that you... InsyaAllah, mama try give the best as i can to you my son... i want give my full love to you and see you growth healty and happily ever..

I pray to Allah, hope that you will growth to be good muslim and son to us. eventhough you still can't merangkak, its ok my son.. I will wait until u can do step by step in your level of grow... its ok... i will support you..

I know, you are intelligent boy since you can call me mama and your papa at age 8 month.. that's are enough for me to make me happy.. very big happy.. You also can exprees your feeling towards me when i send you to your ibu(babysitter).. You hold me tighly.. hug me.. closely to my arm.. dont want to give to others.. always with me.. it make me thinking... you need me al the time..

Oh fahri.. mama hope, one day, mama will alaways be with you.. doing work just at home.. see you growt in front of my eyes.. may Allah give us strength to face all the barrier infront of us... i love u my son.. i love you papa.. U both are my great given by Allah to me.. love both of you very much

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