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going makan angin like there are always our firstime honeymoon..

Beside is picture when we are going to Cherating.. at that time, i'm not prggy yet.. we still wait for the Rezeki at that time.. Cherating i think the most beautiful beach at Malaysia... water at the sea such a blue colour.. clear like kristal.. i love to go there next time..

Above pictures are langkawi.. yes.. this time we called it as second honeymoon... ofcourse la because we go there on our first annyversarry.. hehhe.. i feel best like mad.. hahahha

Actully.. we both like going to makan angin.. ofcoursela kan.. we both hope that year 2010, we can go somewhere special place since we not going makan angin last year. because of prggy and give birth.. since fahri grow older and easier us to care him, we hope we can go some where else..

a few place that we had reach there while we are married: Mersing beach, pulau pinang nd just near to us... PD and Morib... not much actually.. that's we really hope that we can going somewhere else that special to us.. really hope.. insyaAllah..

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