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My Resolution for 2010..e-book, career changing and new house.. it must

My resolution.... I must finished this my e-book project b4 my next birthday... it must.. i have about 3 months to go... it must... beside this, make sure you can speak in English within 3 months... it must..

Currently, i'm in process to finishing my e-book. this is my first project after attended Mr. suhaimi e-book seminar... i hope that this will give me extra income beside my current job.. I also need to make career changing. Need to make some transformation on my career and my personality.. must more presentable.. My target to enter bigger company with more stable profit condition... it must sri...

My last resolution... It must... make it happend.. really need new house environment... so, i must buy new house this year.. it must... insyaAllah...

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