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last day 2009

to day is last day of 2009.. not bz at all.. this morning until know, i just reading what ever look interesting on my eyes... my sis blog, babycentre website and ofcourse FB .. hehe.. yesterday was my office BOD meeting.. this is for first time i attend that.. so, it easier for me to prepare what so ever important for the next bod paper..

erm... fahry just such a big given by Allah to me n hubby... now, i know how strong of love between parents and their kid.. i pray to Allah.. hope that fahry will grow healthy, intelligent and happy beside us...

one more think that always in my mind... career changing... i hope that this will happen asap.. may Allah bless us...

weekend when my beloved baby got fever and ulser...

hi dear...
my son fahri got fever on friday(christmas holiday).. actually on that day i have my UPSM's reunion at my friend house's at rawang.. that morning his fever not too high.. just 'suam-suam kuku'.. so i decided still go for the reunion..But he ofcourse 'meragam'.. cried... and cried... luckily my friend house has buaian.. so, it easier for me to get fahry slept.

That night, i've got home almost 9 pm. my hubby already going to work. Fahry then i look happy like nothing happend.. his fever getting better... But that early morning at 1 am, his fever became worst. I got very worried about him and call my hubby just to inform.. I can't sleep that night. so, beside monitoring fahri temperature, i make some masker for my self.. just to take out alot of white/black head from my face.

Saturday morning, fahri wake up at 7.30 am.. oh God.. i feel so sleepy.. oh fahri.. mama want more sleep... but fahri as usual and his routine wake up early and popo... hhehhe.. after playing got fahri to bath and give him food.. just Nesle nestum that i have bought from Giant.. hehe lazy mummy.. But he refuse to eat.. a bit confuse.. normally fahri love eating verry much.. I give him breast milk.. he also refuse to drink.. oh my son.. i became anxious.. fahry why?? Is that because of fever...?? his fever that morning quit high.his saliva let down.. a lot... then , i give him liquid paracetamol that i got from Klinik ibu and anak Salak Selatan.

That morning, my hubby came back home at 9 am ++ ... He bought me nasi lemak.. thanks hubby.. love u very that time i feel so hungry like mad.. You are my angle... you safe me from the craving food like mad.. hehe.. oh.. i'm forgot to story about how i'm strugling to put koolfever at fahri forehead.. kukuikui.. very funny experience... i am patient mother looking for fahri and wait until his fallsleep.. really deep sleep.. than, i slowly put the koolfeever on his head.. but again and again he wakeup eagerly take out the koolfever from his head.. and i wait again... that same thing happend until i surrender and that time almost 5. oh God.. i feel so sleepy that time.. and i fall sleep beside him..

Then the whole day i cant do anything except pampering fahri... he refuse to sleep even he look very sleepy.. refuse to eat, refuse to drink milk... until 4pm that day.. can you imagine how i feel?? That's only Allah knows how worry i am.. and at last he fall sleep after tiredly crying i my 'dakapan'.. very pity my son... that also happend on the next day... and that night, he can't sleep and still refuse to drink and eat. I bough him to Dr twice that weekend and Dr from Az-zahrah tell me that he has ulser on his mouth. oh.. no wonder he refuse to eat all this while..

You know, what make me proud of him is, he still actively going anywhere in the house in between not crying.. explore everywhere and crying when distract him from 'kutip' somthing and put inside his mouth.. and after i calm down him, then start exploring somewhere else. Fahri2... i love u very much son.. i also enclose with this entry his picture with asam jawa on his head. People said that can help cool down temperature.

That's are tiring weekend ever... luckily i decided to go to my parent house, that saturday night.. so, i have other people to take care of him when i praying and take my bath.. Now, fahri get better and better... but this morning still refuse to drink milk.. i hope that his babysitter will patient with him.. i can't take leave to day because need to finished BOD paper before tomorrow.. I'm sorry my son.. i love you very much.. may you grow healthty and hapily from now and forever,,

*my first entry with mission improving english.. Hope will improving better and better after this.. InsyaAllah.

My Resolution for 2010..e-book, career changing and new house.. it must

My resolution.... I must finished this my e-book project b4 my next birthday... it must.. i have about 3 months to go... it must... beside this, make sure you can speak in English within 3 months... it must..

Currently, i'm in process to finishing my e-book. this is my first project after attended Mr. suhaimi e-book seminar... i hope that this will give me extra income beside my current job.. I also need to make career changing. Need to make some transformation on my career and my personality.. must more presentable.. My target to enter bigger company with more stable profit condition... it must sri...

My last resolution... It must... make it happend.. really need new house environment... so, i must buy new house this year.. it must... insyaAllah...

seronoknya baca blog orang...

erm... tu la keje aku dari pg sampai sekarang... baca blog kakak ipar aku.. aku mmg pengikut setia blog dia.. suka baca kisah telatah anak2 dia aka anak 2 sedara aku yg sangat comel n nakal& bijak belaka.. hehe ... pastu tetiba rasa nk update blog sendr yg dah lama terabai...

sekarang ni aku agak sibuk sikit sbb next week opis aku ada BOD meeting.. smntr tunggu bos go through BOD paper tue, aku pon mengambil kesempatan yg ada buat keje aku sndr.. hehe.

Dipendekkan citer sbnrnya aku pon tak tau nk tulis ape nie... erm... apa yerk.. haaaaaa..
sbnrnya aku dalam proses nk buat satu e-book yang aku rasa ade potensi utk dijual... tp ntah bila la nk siap..

aku klu malam je, kat umah mmg colaps... tak larat dah nk buat benda lain... nk tidokan fahri, pastu kononnya aku nk buat keje umah ke apa yg patut.. pastu dgn aku2 skali tido... apa da.. kadang2 tu marah dgn diri sndr.. lagila klu laki aku ade kat umah.. kesian dia.. keseorangan wlpn sbnrnya ade makhluk lain kat umah tue.. aku dgn fahri le.. hehe..

By the way, aku pon sbnrnya dalam misi utk mentransformasikan diri.. azam yg aku dah buat minggu lps.. iaitu... nk fasih berbahasa inggeris dalam masa 3 bulan.. tu perancangan aku.. azam aku.. insyaAllah aku dalam usaha ke arah itu juga.. Smg Allah mempermudahkan urusan.. amin..

sambil2 aku membaca blog org, aku sempat jg la mengambil gambar sendiri... hihi.. sbnrnya gambar ni aku amik utk ltk dalam resume.. satu lagi misi aku utk meningkatkan kerjaya.. dah tak boleh blah la kat company aku nie.. aku perlukan perubahan... tolong... :)